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Friday, December 02, 2016


I get it now...

This game - Everbody's Gone To The Rapture - is like The Path.
I'm here to witness


Everbody's Gone...unfolds through exploration

And the purpose, or target, is to see each person's story unfold.

I may be wrong
About death?

I carefully went back and forth, over and all around Haverton Road, the pool (with the bomb stuck in the mud) and finally returned to the church to walk back with Jeremy the vicar as he hobbled back to the alter with his broken ankle.

Incredibly sad.

The church and the graveyard reminded me of where Bonham is buried.
I expected to see the cymbals and sticks by his grave stone.

But anyway!
Onward, along the path of stars and into the woods to see what happens to Wendy.

A game of psychogeography
I drift
I observe the effects on my emotions

Time is related to where I am in the map.
Time is triggered events
Everything that will happen is embedded and pre-existing.

I can see parallels with counselling technique, that I allow something that has already occurred to unfold. I witness to create peace.
I honor the truth. like an amazing pop-up book and radio play.
But then...all the best games