Sunday, September 14, 2014


We visited the in-laws last week....
There is plenty to say about that.
Most of it I have said before.

It just gets worse.

Last night we set off for Darlston, London.
To a busy road
Not unlike Broad street
To a door in a wall
Down some stairs

How could I tell?

Along the street were many such doors indicating a partitioning of something large and underground.

Concrete sections.
Drainage pipes along the ceilings.

We had come to see my son's band Mirrorhall.

The frantic push through Saturday night London.

On the long road home
The temperature dropped and I began to get really cold.

Really cold on a motorbike
Feels like cold water is being poured under your clothes.

The M40 is an expanse of darkness.
No street lights
No cat's eyes.

Got home at 3:30 AM and slept until 12.

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Once upon a time....

Once Upon a Time there were two boys.
Jack and Tom.
When the time came for them to leave their small house deep in the woods their mother dug down deep into the earth of her Grandfather's grave for the gifts her father had had buried, to keep safe until this day.

As the sun disappeared and the sky grew black with storm clouds their mother pulled two black boxes out of the ground and quickly hid them inside a sack. The rain began to fall and they hurried straight back home so that the boxes could be opened where no one except Tom and Jack would see what was inside....

When the boxes were opened their mother handed the presents her grandfather had so carefully won, and her father so carefully hidden, to her boys.

Drum sticks gilded with the fire of the sun for Tom,

...and a pen cast from a single star, filled with ink brewed from the darkest nights, for Jack.

Thursday, September 04, 2014

Sun flow...

If it had been sport.

If any of my kids had required me to stand on a muddy field in wind and rain with other parents shouting about football.

I would have had to take a book...
An mps player loaded with Swans...Bo Ningen....Tool
I'd have been ostracised by the other parents.

It would not have been good.

Instead I have handed over wads of cash for amps and amp-heads...
Driven hundreds of miles
Driven all night.

Bands in the hall,
Bands in the kitchen
Amps, drum kits, guitars all over the house

All good
Except finding parking spaces close enough to a venue for unloading, in particular The Black Star @ 24 kg

Last night after collecting Jim's drums I almost drove up a tunnel that would have got me an instant fine, and finished with parking on a double yellow, trying not to hyperventilate, waiting for the band to collect the final bass pedal.

Six hours latter, after the gig, I was again parked on the same double yellow. Now it was my friend. One of the better stopping places as the pace of city-life accelerated past 'The Golden Turkish Scissors' and kebab houses, towards midnight.

Before then...

The Sunflower Lounge
Had big screens showing

I hurriedly drank down my ginger beer and made my way down the narrow staircase, into the dark.

Pink Violence was on stage, followed by April, and then LSA and the audience was getting bigger. The stairs began to fill..

Someone handed out the kelidascope spectacles...

Youth Man turned up.

It was good!

Mirrorhall Sunflower lounge. 3rd September. 2014.

Thursday, August 28, 2014


Last time I wrote here I was dreading going to see my son play a venue I didn't like in the 80's, with other bands that my other son described as 'garbage pail bands'.

I am pleased to say that we were wrong!
Despite our best intentions we arrived late and missed the first band.

Tom was setting up his kit.


We stayed for the next band Gravity Ghost without any expectations...but actually, they were pretty good.

Better than the YouTube had led us to think.
They reminded me of how Erasure should sound on their new album, instead of the way Erasure actually sound

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

5 Songs.

I am becoming convinced that there are only 5 songs in the world.
Each has different words or not.
I include 'techno hardcore'
I include 'noise'

No it doesn't matter that there are more than 5 category's of music.
No...there are only five basic songs

And the others.
Rare as daytime stars.

The world of dance may be the same
I don't know.

When Top of The Pops began to have dancers, I learnt a vital lesson.

I was not the target audience.

This is how Pan's People appeared to me.

Son who is in a 'proper band' has a gig on Friday.
I was pained to see that a band they had appeared with previously, is appearing with them again.

This band
And the other bands...
...were described to me by my other son (art student arty band kid) as the music equivalent of Garbage Pail Kids.

Laugh or cry?

Monday, August 18, 2014

300 miles.

Had half the band Galoshins from Glasgow, stay over, on their 300 mile journey to buy a keyboard in Dudley.

The keyboard is a particular kind.
The kind that was sold as a kit
Had to be fitted together at home.

In the presence of the band

The owner put the circuit board into the wrong slot and destroyed the keyboard right before their very eyes....

Saturday, August 16, 2014

Second Sssssnake thought.

Collection action frames.
 A frame, Bateson wrote, is "a spatial and temporal bonding of a set of interactive messages."...

Sometimes I get interested in what is happening outside the BC bubble, or music bubble. I don't bother to write about it because

News is a...
A ghost tunnel.
A ride through vicarious horrors.

I'm not sure what it is for....

Back to the start.
Collection action frames are part 3:
 Vocabularies of motive.

Before then
The Snake dance.
Warburgh's aim after studying 'primitive people' was to see where the 'primitive' had gone. Not the primitive people (usually to a 'reserve' of some kind), but the modes of thought integral to humanity that are labelled as primitive.

To Warburgh, the Snake dance was a way to deal with fear.
A ritual, art work and dance to propitiate terror.

Warburgh created the term 'cause projection'.
When faced by an unknown danger people identify and name some known danger.

A wolf at the door, a wolf that had been shot, or frightened away before, is less frighting than the unknown, nameless cause.  'Cause projection' is the invention of a cause. It is a name and a face for the unknown horror. He described it as a 'prime phobic reflex' that lives in the subconscious of every individual, and we are incapable of overcoming it.

News is always about what is going wrong.
And provides differing versions of..

1/ diagnosis- descriptions of the problem, naming who and what deserves blame.

2/ prognosis- what will happen if no action is taken, what action must be taken

And finally...
Organisations of a certain kind provide:

3/  vocabularies of motive, compelling and convincing rationales for becoming active and dealing with the problem. Media that contains arguments that draw on the beliefs, traditions, myths and values that are culturally relevant to the supporter when they resonate with the everyday experiences and concerns of supporters; and are successful when they are delivered alongside evidence which convinces supporters they are not fighting a lost cause.

Warburgh believed that the modern use of electricity, the science and explanation of its rules, was a bad thing  for the psychology of modern man

Our own technological age has no need of the serpent in order to understand and control lightning. Lightning no longer terrifies the city dweller, who no longer craves a storm as the only source of water....The replacement of mythocausation by the technological, removes the fears felt by primitive humanity. Whether this liberation from the mythological world view is of genuine help in providing adequate answers to the enigmas of existence is quite another matter. The American government, like the Catholic Church before it, has brought modern schooling to the Indians with remarkable energy. Its intellectual optimism has resulted in the fact that the Indian longer believe in pagan demons...[this] may well denote progress. But I would be loath to assert that it does justice to the Indians (who think in images) or to their mythologically anchored souls.

But I haven't found yet, what he believed we had replaced the Snake dance, with.

Partick Marnham names it as atomic power.