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Thursday, March 26, 2015

8.1 ate my desktop...

Asus Delete empty my recycle bin...

There were folders...
Not now.

Ever since Win 95.
Computers have eaten my words
Random and implacable
Crash and its gone
Or update and something is destroyed.

Late XP the penny began to drop
I started to like notebooks...
Paper and pens.

I was a Getting Things Done Fail.
My 37 or was it 47 folders never happened.

Late Win 7 and Bullet journal - analogue WorkFlowy, that will not swim with yellow dots and seize up all black and blue graphics card disaster.

The other desktop.


Unless by Aristophanes.

No delusion of a back-up.
Because it wont work.
Even if it does... the clouds of data I can't remember...well....if they really mattered I'd have memorized it or made a physical copy. Or dragged it into as many of my other computers and hard drives as possible...

That's what I'm thinking,