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Wednesday, November 25, 2015

The train to London and back again.

In privatized railway Britain, each train ticket must be booked with a train company.
An open ticket: for any 'off peak' train
Isn't always available...

Explains why we had left the house at 5 am


The graduation ceremony had been scheduled for 10 am

So we spent time in Uniclo.

And latter
The ceremony
Made me extremely proud of Tom

Who yesterday rang to say
Though working as a teaching assistant
Paid for playing in a band

Over a quarter of his monthly wage goes
To the agency he is employed through.

There is no...

No sick pay
No contract

And his rent to pay

After the degree ceremony we went to Brasserie Zedel.
Close to Piccadilly Circus
Looks like a Cafe Rouge from outside...

But inside!
Descend many stairs

As if playing Bioshock

1930s Art Deco
To glittering golden, light.

But then...
Had to RUN for the train.
A slow train that would get us back by 9:30

To the bus
To get us home for 10:30

On the train
A woman telling me how
All day she had been busy
Recruiting women for IT.

Because of course women can do IT
Though so many women think...
That they can't

So I said
Seriously, I want to be recruited
I didn't say
Because you know what, I've never cared a fig for stereotypes
I've never felt disempowered
Turned off
From anything I've had an aptitude for

And I have an aptitude for computers

She said
What work do you do
I said
Qualified radiographer...
To home ed mom
Last child is now at university....

And she said
Just try applying for jobs in IT

And I didn't say
What the F*** lady! You said you were recruiting women who wanted to work in IT.
Now a woman is standing inches away from you
She WANTS to be recruited

Is it my age?
Home ed?
Quite frankly, if you wanted to know if I 'had an aptitude' for computing you would ask me...

Why do you think this?

And I'd say
Years ago, got myself server space, hand coded many web sites, added badly coded Flash and embedded movies, sound files, made pages that scrolled horizontally...taught myself the 'Quake' console...I mean what do you want to know? If I want to make something, I find a way! If there is a hardware problem I'm not phased by Overclockers and the use, thereof (even though my bank assumes someone has stolen my card because my purchase of pc hardware is not age and gender appropriate).

And you can laugh in my face, because those things are nothing.
But I'd still say
I think I have an aptitude.
I want to explore that possibility.
So bloody give me a phone number or never say to anyone again, 'women don't think that computers are for them!'

Horrified and appalled at what seemed to me to be low level prejudice

I decided to concentrate a bit more on what I do.

I've no idea where I'm going with this
But a desire to reach a certain destination
With pre-purchased tickets
Fellow travelers  reciting meaningless cliches...

Stuff it!