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Sunday, August 23, 2015

The Imber bus.

I parked the car in Warminster and Brilliant Husband went off to find a toilet....
While he was gone, I looked around for someone to ask...where do I find the Imber bus?

Saw a man who looked like an Imber-bus kind of guy, who told me to follow him! "I can't yet, I'm waiting for my husband" I said several times as the man walked off. He had just journeyed from Brazen Bottom and was in a hurry to continue his journey.

We followed in the general direction the man from Brazen Bottom had taken
And saw the buses!

The view from the window.

The bus left the station and trundled towards the military zone.

It was flying-ant day.
Lots of flies flew into the bus

Outside was lush

Lethal in parts.

As we drew closer to Imber, the number of dead tanks increased.

Imber lies at the heart of Salisbury Plain 'Danger Zone'.

There used to be a map in Team Fortress...
Well...mostly I played Opposing Force and Quake3 death match

But this is the real thing

We sat in the graveyard
Surrounded by barbed wire

Brilliant Husband held an umbrella over my head as I sorted out our food, to prevent the rain of ants, who were either fighting or mating? from falling into our food. The sound of the generator by the church wall drowned out the sound of falling bugs and the grasshoppers 'singing'.

Inside the church
The coloured lights were pretty though....

I bought a pot of honey...

In the afternoon
The bells were rung...

As they had been since 1692

The original set had been sold off
Though one bell cast in 1721, is now at Edington Priory.

A new ring of six bells were installed in 2010

The journey to Imber is perhaps one of the most Stalkerish journeys one can make in Britain.

To qualify as a journey into the Zone:

  1. The land must be forbidden
  2. There must be invisible danger
  3. There must be an unusual transport into the Zone
  4. There should be a guide...
  5. Once within the Zone, there are rules about conduct.
  6. And finally, one should leave the Zone via a different route.

Another Stalkerish journey is...
... the train to Dungeness.

Earth Invades Triton :: by Doctor Memory