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Wednesday, July 29, 2015

A day trip...Clifton observatory.

The building looks like a small church
It sits, as so many churches the top of a hill

At the top of a cliff.

The middle part, ground level where the alter, pews and people should be
Is closed off
As if it isn't there at all..

Upstairs there is a moon disc.

Wide as both my arms outstretched
Its surface is glassy

The camera-obscura...
Projects an image of outside, inside...

As if I was in Riven

An impression added to by the wooden camera room and the lever used to turn the lens above us.

But when the door is closed
And the room full dark

The camera obscura turns the moon face into...
The strangest thing...

Tiny cars and birds, little people..
Everything moving.

Camera Obscura in Clifton Observatory

I'm blown away by how amazing this is...
Unimpressed by Google Earth and Sat Navs

Down many stairs...

To the cave that opens in the cliff face.
Once a church

There is no evidence of the church anymore...

Our next destination was Arch House delicatessen..

For coffee and cake.

Mine was...
Elderflower and lime (with added glitter).

And then...
Back to the car
And down to the sea.

Brilliant Husband's selfie of us...

And Tom.

After Nishe...