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Monday, September 19, 2016

week two.

Good news
All of it
Any listening involving
Empathy, congruence and unconditional positive regard
Is grist to the mill.

In other words
Can be used as evidence in my portfolio

Week two...
In which I learn
That when someone is on a metaphorical sinking boat
Going round and around
About to go
Down the plug hole...

I jump on board and go with them.

Which is
I suppose
Why people don't wish to listen to other people's problems.

Normally I'm fairly bomb proof.
Normally I don't get on board
Problem solving mode clicks on.

But that isn't what I'm supposed to be doing
No intellectualizing
No problem solving
No swimming back to shore shouting across the oily waters
"Just jump!!! "

Expecting other people to jump
Makes sense to me.

If something doesn't fit
Change it!

It something is wrong
Leave it!

Something so crazy, so messed up, but the mad ones are trying to get you to join in, making it sound great, noble and even a little bit fun. Bad things happen when people can't problem solve in creative ways

Or run or say no...

for sure
Mad situations should be left to sink

So why was I on the boat of madness going down?