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Friday, October 09, 2015

The writing on the wall.

The day began with a message
Had I see the single release video?
I had been trying not to think about it...
So I watched
Three guys walking New York's streets

Is the clue in the song
There should be some sign...

..after he was blamed for asking for a Grohl sound mix on his kit, the guys he is hanging out with in the video, are about to metaphorically stab him in the back.
In the belly
And in the throat.

The video makes me sad
The Secret History.

If he were still with the band...
He would be playing in Italy tonight...then Switzerland...then Germany.
(what happened to the dates in France?)

All money used for flights and accommodation.
No rich parents to pay his rent.

He has self respect and a wage.

But the way it was done
Blaming Tom for the drum sounds....
And mixing the single with the same drums...
Changing the bass guitar effects.

What does that say?