Tuesday, April 15, 2014


After half an hour of staring at myself in the mirror, I reached for the scissors.

All my dreadlocks in  the bin now...
Wondering what to do next.

I was tempted to reach for the clippers and to use no:6.

The question was:
Cersei Lannister
Madeline 'Ma-Ma' Madrigal.
The neatness of a number 6 didn't fit either profile.

Then spent some time thinking about a cube...

Tuesday, April 08, 2014

Image is our business...


Last Kindle post.

In the end I got it....
Yeah, yeah 'it is just simple html'...


A kindle book is a species of zip file (this is my guess by the way).
It contains a file structure that is invisible, though it can only be opened by a program that allows editing.

Sigil is the best program I've found to create epub files.
The updated Calibre may be better.
I don't know because I haven't updated..

The Sigil epub has to be turned into a mobi for Kindle.
If you want it to be a book that is.
An epub is a thousand times better than a pdf on a Kindle.

The program that transforms epub to mobi is the Kindle Gen.

And it mangles the Sigil code just a little. Or Sigil fails to do as good a job as it promises. Or Sigil fails to add code that I need to place within?

Within what?
head, body, meta?
It's like no one speaks English in this world.
Ultimately most people trying to fathom the kindle creation world, end up using superstitious work arounds!

Forget that

In the end
I felt as if I'd hit a brick wall.

What I realised is...you need to have an account with Amazon to publish an e.book. You upload your shoddy code and Amazon have the right tools to spit out something that works. I imagine a team of post grads on zero hour contracts knee deep in broken #tags.

To be a part of this bright new Amazon e.pub world you need to have a tax code.

I don't .

Partially it is psychological.
I know it is all a long time ago, but the awfulness of my first marriage and the total derailing of my life as a consequence didn't do me any good.

Friedrich Nietzsche was an eternal optimist (even as his brain melted with Syphilis?) and bravely stated
"That which does not kill us makes us stronger"
I have to tell you, in my experience, that which does not kill us leaves us with at best a nervous twitch, and secondly...the tendency to want to run away and hide...

Monday, April 07, 2014

Epub mobi pass me another 'app'. Knot weed syndrome.

First theory- I can write xhtml.


Second theory- it is good that that bit of software from Amazon that was so difficult to install can change html into a mobi file...and it is good that my Kindle displays my code as a document.

that's no good!

Why hasn't my book got a cover?
Oh I need to add some html 5 tags.

Can't be bothered.

What is Calibre?

Calibre kind of works.
But the file structure is bothering me.
I still want to do it myself, but knowing html 5 wont help because I don't see where opx files are linked.

Something doesn't add up here.

Third theory

Sigil looks good.
Plain, simple and clear.
Let's me add code.

Has a logical layout.

Definitely the best of my four e.book formatters.

Meanwhile, at our last visit of in-laws, father-in-law showed us his collection of clippings from The Daily Mail. I tried to forget that..

But I was reminded

When I read about the Japanese knot weed murder.

"I believe I was not an evil man, until the balance of my mind was disturbed by the fact there is a patch of Japanese Knotweed which has been growing over our boundary fence on the Rowley Regis Golf Course...The worry of it migrating on to our garden and subsequently undermining the structure over the next few years, with consequent legal battles which we won’t win, has led to my growing madness...But the despair has got so bad that today I have killed her, as I did not want her to be alone without an income when I killed myself."

Kenneth McRae, battered his wife Jane, with a bottle of perfume. He then took his own life by cutting his wrists and throat....

Well there you go, so strange that murder made more sense to him than just using a flame thrower...

.....laughing manically as the fence goes up!
followed by the car

Or just going out and pulling the plant up by hand for goodness sake.

A perfume bottle....?
Bludgeoning someone to death with a perfume bottle!

Anyway, father-in-law's clippings from the newspaper were all about how they will take all your money off you if you have to go into a home.

Paranoia overdrive.
such fun.

I think, yeah fair enough, you are not ill just disabled by your inability to spend money on anything that can make your lives better. You wouldn't move to a bungalow, you complain that the dentist is too expensive so go on, tell me about having to get rid of thousands of pounds so that they don't take it off you.

I sure can see how terrible it would be if they got it.
How different your lives would be..

Knot weed syndrome...

Another excellent (even better) playlist here.

Friday, April 04, 2014

Wild boar...

I was looking in the freezer cabinet at Aldi, or Lidl
And there was frozen boar leg
From America
Packed in Germany.

Well perhaps I was in a Game of Throne's mood.
Remembering boar burgers at Tewkesbury festival.

I bought the leg
Meat.. in a box about 7 inch by 5.
not a leg.

Cooking now.
Since 12.
A stew with beans, leeks, carrots and swede.

Threw in a sprig of rosemary..

" Wild hogs in Florida are known to have 45 different parasitic and infectious diseases. These include 37 parasites (12 protozoans, 17 nematodes, 1 acanthocephalan, 1 sucking louse, 4 ticks and 2 mites), 7 bacteria, and 1 virus. Eight of these parasitic and infectious diseases can infect man. These include brucellosis, leptospirosis, salmonellosis, toxoplasmosis, balantidiasis, trichinosis, trichostrongylosis, and sarcoptic mange."

Seven bacteria!
1 virus...

But hogs are made of cloud...

Thursday, April 03, 2014


King Henry...
Died of dysentery at Newark
And was buried at Worcester...

Exhumed some 200 or so years latter:

Accordingly upon Monday, the 17th of July, 1797, they proceeded to open the tomb, first removing the effigy, and stone slab on which it rested ; when by this means the interior of the monument was laid open they observed two brick partition walls, raised to assist in supporting the superincumbent covering and figure of the king. 
The spaces between these walls and the ends of the tomb are filled with rubbish. Upon removing the end and one of the pannels at each side, when they had removed the rubbish, they discovered two strong elm boards, originally joined by a batten nailed to each end, but which dropping off had left the boards loose. Under these boards was found a stone coffin, containing the royal corpse, which was observed to be placed in the coffin exactly as the figure upon the top of the tomb represented.
The skull, instead of being placed as usual, had the foramen magnum turned upwards ; the  interior part of the os frontis was much decayed; the ossa inasillaria superiors were wholly detached from the other bones of the face, and found near the elbow of the right arm, they contained four teeth in sound condition ; the lower jaw bones were also separated, but con-
tained no teeth ; some grey hairs were observed near the upper part of the cranium, in the vicinity of the sagittal suture ; the ulna of the left arm, which had been folded across the body, was found lying on the breast; the ulna of the right arm was nearly in its proper position ; but neither of the radii nor any of the bones of the hand could be found : the ossa femorum, tibiae, fibulae, and other bones of the inferior extremities were very perfect, and upon some of the bones of the toes belonging to the right foot were even found vestiges of the nails. Some large pieces of mortar were found on and below the abdomen... 

So, who was John?
John, born 1167, was nicknamed ‘Lackland’ by his father Henry II, though he gained large estates through gifts and marriage to Isabella of Gloucester. Capable, clever, scheming and untrustworthy, John conspired against both his father and brother, trying to seize the throne in 1193 during Richard’s absence. On becoming king in 1199, he struggled to prevent Henry’s empire from fragmenting, but died in 1216 in the shadow of failure, his name forever linked to Magna Carta - called the ‘greatest constitutional document of all times’ - signed by the Thames at Runnymede. 

King Henry?

Tuesday, April 01, 2014

Lux' suburbia.


The game is called luxuria-superbia and it was only £2.50.

I like Tale of Tales.

Ages ago now I played another game by them.
The Path

It is one of the most horrific games I've ever played.

I wrote about it here:

I'm used to being all powerful in game.
shot gun, rocket-launcher, BFG.

In The Path I actively had to chose to do very stupid things to continue the narrative.

Nevertheless, £2.50 for Lux didn't seem much...so I bought it.

Lux Superbia.

I was terrible at it.
I don't have a clue.

But I soon realised that it is actually a sex sim.


Yep, that is what it is.
And it is better in Russian.

All that is going to happen is repetition.
That isn't a game.
this is :)

Thursday, March 27, 2014

Names...one ring to rule them all.

Google+ says that I can merge my blogger identity with my Google+ page.

I fail to see why anyone should wish to do this.

Nevertheless I might do it.
Why not?

For years I was and still am rideflame.
My Half-Life web site used to be pretty close to the top in Google searches, I was quoted in Wiki.

Is that fame.
Miss Flame?

Now my blogger id is Belet Seri
Queen of the Desert, scribe to the Akkadian queen of the Underworld.

I just don't play enough computer games to qualify as rideflame any more, but writing about arcane subjects suits me.

Belet Seri it is then.

Josephine Smith was once Joanne Knowlton.
J Knowlton passed a long list of exams
Before slipping away from the path and heading off into the Wild Woods or borderlands. Her ability to do exams was and is just a trick. But now all the qualifications have turned into ash. That seems both fair and brutal at the same time.

My real name is common.
A perfect name.

There is a culture clash occurring here...
Google+ trying to drag the virtual into the real...
I wonder how much G+ affects web page ranking now?

I may complain about the obscuration of information (yesterday!) but the Illuminati part of my personality, loves it! Secret identities, the flexibility of truth and the ambiguity of name and gender are internet standards.

OK, yes, these things are real world too.

Just it is safe in the internet because nothing there is real.
No one expected it to cross over.

Letting the virtual world into the real by giving it your name is as taboo as eating and drinking inside the Hollow Hill.

G+ mentality is based on web 2.0 (allows anyone in) and ends with HTML5 (allowing one's browser to be 'hijacked'). The G+ world expects everything to be seamless and integrated. A Kindle becomes a tablet. A tablet is a special kind of computer that disables the user to prevent mistakes...

I could go on.

But I wont :)