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Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Glamping and other things.

I am going glamping.
This has happened because my good and kind daughter gave us a voucher for a glamping holiday...

I'm beginning to look forwards to it

Though I'm not overly sure where it actually is I'm going.
Hope I get an email from the owners with better instructions than just the post code...because Google maps just shows me roads the Google car didn't go down.

The site is somewhere roadless
Surrounded by

All I know is
First code to the sat nav
200+ miles from here.

Running out of petrol on tiny roads without a phone signal
On Bodmin moor...

What was that word?

My children didn't go on holiday
We were always too poor.
One wage - Brilliant Husband - worked as a teaching assistant.
And then there was the problems with my ex-husband.
You couldn't ask him what his plans were....
We couldn't plan.

We did days out to the sea...
And one weekend in Iceland.

I don't have the faintest idea about glamping.

This seems to be a cross over glamp though

Because you get that firm favorite of the survivalists
A Storm kettle.

I suppose I better find my leather trousers again!
The cooking outside experiments
Of March..
Stir fry and pasta
And bread

Should come in handy.

It's glamour that throws me
In the site inventory
Says there are
Romantic movies....

Romance terrifies me more than any other genre of fiction.
The peril of a broken heart is all too real.