Tuesday, August 19, 2014

5 Songs.

I am becoming convinced that there are only 5 songs in the world.
Each has different words or not.
I include 'techno hardcore'
I include 'noise'

No it doesn't matter that there are more than 5 category's of music.
No...there are only five basic songs

And the others.
Rare as daytime stars.

The world of dance may be the same
I don't know.

When Top of The Pops began to have dancers, I learnt a vital lesson.

I was not the target audience.

This is how Pan's People appeared to me.

Son who is in a 'proper band' has a gig on Friday.
I was pained to see that a band they had appeared with previously, is appearing with them again.

This band
And the other bands...
...were described to me by my other son (art student arty band kid) as the music equivalent of Garbage Pail Kids.

Laugh or cry?

Monday, August 18, 2014

300 miles.

Had half the band Galoshins from Glasgow, stay over, on their 300 mile journey to buy a keyboard in Dudley.

The keyboard is a particular kind.
The kind that was sold as a kit
Had to be fitted together at home.

In the presence of the band

The owner put the circuit board into the wrong slot and destroyed the keyboard right before their very eyes....

Saturday, August 16, 2014

Second Sssssnake thought.

Collection action frames.
 A frame, Bateson wrote, is "a spatial and temporal bonding of a set of interactive messages."...

Sometimes I get interested in what is happening outside the BC bubble, or music bubble. I don't bother to write about it because

News is a...
A ghost tunnel.
A ride through vicarious horrors.

I'm not sure what it is for....

Back to the start.
Collection action frames are part 3:
 Vocabularies of motive.

Before then
The Snake dance.
Warburgh's aim after studying 'primitive people' was to see where the 'primitive' had gone. Not the primitive people (usually to a 'reserve' of some kind), but the modes of thought integral to humanity that are labelled as primitive.

To Warburgh, the Snake dance was a way to deal with fear.
A ritual, art work and dance to propitiate terror.

Warburgh created the term 'cause projection'.
When faced by an unknown danger people identify and name some known danger.

A wolf at the door, a wolf that had been shot, or frightened away before, is less frighting than the unknown, nameless cause.  'Cause projection' is the invention of a cause. It is a name and a face for the unknown horror. He described it as a 'prime phobic reflex' that lives in the subconscious of every individual, and we are incapable of overcoming it.

News is always about what is going wrong.
And provides differing versions of..

1/ diagnosis- descriptions of the problem, naming who and what deserves blame.

2/ prognosis- what will happen if no action is taken, what action must be taken

And finally...
Organisations of a certain kind provide:

3/  vocabularies of motive, compelling and convincing rationales for becoming active and dealing with the problem. Media that contains arguments that draw on the beliefs, traditions, myths and values that are culturally relevant to the supporter when they resonate with the everyday experiences and concerns of supporters; and are successful when they are delivered alongside evidence which convinces supporters they are not fighting a lost cause.

Warburgh believed that the modern use of electricity, the science and explanation of its rules, was a bad thing  for the psychology of modern man

Our own technological age has no need of the serpent in order to understand and control lightning. Lightning no longer terrifies the city dweller, who no longer craves a storm as the only source of water....The replacement of mythocausation by the technological, removes the fears felt by primitive humanity. Whether this liberation from the mythological world view is of genuine help in providing adequate answers to the enigmas of existence is quite another matter. The American government, like the Catholic Church before it, has brought modern schooling to the Indians with remarkable energy. Its intellectual optimism has resulted in the fact that the Indian children...no longer believe in pagan demons...[this] may well denote progress. But I would be loath to assert that it does justice to the Indians (who think in images) or to their mythologically anchored souls.

But I haven't found yet, what he believed we had replaced the Snake dance, with.

Partick Marnham names it as atomic power.

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

The lightning snake...

A while back, following a link from Twitter on a motorbike through sunset Birmingham, we walked into a warehouse, sat down and waited for a screening of Repo Man.

Clutching the vegetarian hot dog in one hand.
Bottle of beer in the other

I encountered the ordeal of incandescently hot mustard and falling onions...
Slithering between the bread roll and sausage
Rings of onion
Vanishing into the dark.

I never remember the story of Repo Man
A sort of derive, a  rapid passage through varied ambiences...

I'd even forgotten the end
And I love the ending of Repo Man.

Fun though it was
I would rather have watched
Snake Dance.

Real life is exquisitely more terrifying and absurd.

There is a book.

The first scene is set in the Congo.
The uranium for the bombs that annihilated the people of Nagasaki and Hiroshima, was mined there. As a reward America -under the banner of Atoms For Peace- installed a reactor at the University of Kinshasa in 1958.

Atoms for Peace is
Mutually Assured Destruction.

The reactor is not in the best of conditions.
With its 140 enriched fuel rods..link

The second scene is Heisenberg territory
Los Alamos
Land of the Snake Dance.

Here is a photo of Aby Warburgh..

And here is an American guy...

Aby Warburgh wrote:

Monday, August 04, 2014


 Let my praise travel straight and true
To the Lord of the Great City
To the heart of the Black Sun
To the Lord of Sunset
To Nergal, the Enlil of the nether world.

Your name lets loose awe and fear.
You fall on the land bringing terror in your wake.
Lord of the battle Net’
Ruler of the Seven
The plague weapon that devours like a dragon.
You alone have the power to carry off and bring back…

I, the scribe to your Queen implore you, fierce god of the Great City

To hear my words and not to loose the arrow Mows-down-a-myriad.

To listen to the voice of respect and not use the mace Fifty-toothed-storm.

You are the hero who comes down from the Great Mountain, riding No-resisting-this-storm..

Warrior with head held high, respected lord, son who rises up to protect his father.

Nergal, angry sea, inspiring fearsome terror, whom no one knows how to confront, youth whose advance is a hurricane and a flood battering the lands.

Nergal, dragon covered with gore, drinking the blood of living creatures..

May my warning travel straight and true

To those who bury the gods..

Who believe that they are your match and free

God of War look away from them.
In the name of my Mistress.

Please stay your hand.

Lights across the UK will be extinguished Monday to mark the centenary of the first world war at the end of a day of commemorations for the millions who fell during four years of warfare in Europe. Link...
"The lamps are going out all over Europe, we shall not see them lit again in our life-time".

It doesn't help to know that the imagery of the light, as truth and justice has its roots in the prayers to Shamash.

For the sun was once the All Seeing Eye in the sky.

It doesn't help to say
...the lights didn't go out.

It doesn't help me to know of a darkness full of knowledge.
The dreams of Kekule and Jung, the mouldering petrie dish of penicillin.

The metaphor of light is nothing...
Just words.

Instead of light going out
People died

Drenched in a horror so great no words can span the gap
Slung over the abyss

But today Thanatos is washed clean.
The mud and mold swept crimson into the soil.

Now dressed in pretty clothes
To the sound of trumpets
Thanatos parades through the town.

While people weep tears for the pretty twins

Adonis and Tammuz shattered by a brilliant light
With poppies cremated in distant fields.
No longer the bright Dioscuri.

No morphine dimmed their pain.

The injunction not to forget...

When not the cause of cathartic tears.

Seems exciting.

In my time

Better forgotten
If you ask me...

Better not

Just "monkey killing monkey".

The truth
Is banal.

Thursday, July 31, 2014


A very special kind of stupid.

This morning
Our router, a BT Home Hub 15
Possibly the first edition of Home hub
I don't believe that there were 15 iterations before ours...
Wouldn't do broadband.

I rang the service line to be told that all should be well in our area.
Then husband set off up stairs to ring the help desk...
Free call from a land-line you see.

After talking to a machine that wasted time by repeatedly testing the phone line (er...husband was using the phone line, so why would there be a problem?) he was eventually routed to a person who would have had him dismantle the ADSL connection blah blah blah and was certain that the problem must be micro-filters.

This was rather like the time when our phone line really did have a problem (roots from the trees over the road had got into' the cables!) and I had to disconnect something and reconnect to qualify for the engineer to come around with the warning that this would cost £100+ if the fault was on our side.

Meanwhile, I connected to the router via my Eee.

Not the same as connecting to Google.

Reconnected the router that way.

So, now back online
what was the first, most important thing to do?

I wrote an email of complaint to BT about the absence of a tech desk staffed with geeks. For in times like these only a geek will do. BT's advice to customers, apart from turn it off and on again was to visit their forum- there customers can while away a merry hour reading accounts from fellow BT users lost in the fog of zero information, and lose the will to live whilst skim reading through endless rambling anecdotes....BT says that there are many people who find the forum useful.


Best of all of course is the sterling advice to check your internet connectivity online.

Do you think the person who wrote that was sniggering as the words were uploaded. I would be if I wrote it. Likewise with the suggestion to use our forum. I'd be falling off my chair, with the sheer, Situationist hilarity of juxtaposing impossible things together.

Connect to the internet when there is no internet connection.
Go on!

It is something like

Suiwo, the disciple of Hakuin, was a good teacher. During one summer seclusion period, a pupil came to him from a southern island of Japan. Suiwo gave him the problem: "Hear the sound of one hand."
The pupil remained three years but could not pass this test. One night he came in tears to Suiwo. "I must return south in shame and embarrassment," he said, "for I cannot solve my problem." "Wait one week more and meditate constantly," advised Suiwo. Still no enlightenment came to the pupil. "Try for another week," said Suiwo. The pupil obeyed, but in vain. "Still another week." Yet this was of no avail. In despair the student begged to be released, but Suiwo requested another meditation of five days. They were without result.
Then he said: "Meditate for three days longer, then if you fail to attain enlightenment, you had better kill yourself."
On the second day the pupil was enlightened.

Thursday, July 24, 2014

Access... "Taking the Waiting out of Wanting"

I applied for an access course.
Access to university, that is.

I have been offered a place.

At first I managed to ignore the paradoxical nature of the name. I know it doesn't mean access the way I think of Access..

and yet...

I can't take the idea of dept.
Not even imaginary dept
Dept that is just a tax code.

Dept that could be real, could be imaginary
Dept that flickers through real and imaginary like the guy in Borderlands (Outer Limits, not the film.)

The film is pretty good though :)

I can't do dept.

Which is kind of stupid of me...but dept, just the idea of it, is a key that unlocks bad memories.

So I think I'm going to let the offer go.
Not certain about that...
Just pretty sure.

I like the idea of someone else taking my place as if I've offered someone a seat on the bus. Even if the metaphor is completely wrong.


Access was one of the first, if not the first credit card.
It was the one most people had,  if they had a card, and most people didn't.

My husband -now ex-husband- had an Access card.
It was his  Flexible Friend.
I learnt to hate it.

Now without his Access card he would not have been able to complete his OU degree which eventually led to him being 'head hunted' by prestigious tech companies.

But, he used the card to buy things that he wanted.
More things in a house full of things.

Taking the Waiting out of Wanting...

A cure for all and any psychic pain.

The minimum payment on that card was more than our mortgage payment.

Credit is an optical illusion.
An Escher staircase...