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Monday, May 23, 2016

The Archers..

I do wonder what can be done with the Rob Titchners of this world?

Surely, like tape-worm and bot fly, they have their place in the grand scheme of things. I suppose compared to Ramsey -I like to skin them alive, but no...I don't eat them - Game Of Thrones, Rob is a sweet guy.

The whole - 'middle-class abuse - syndrome is desperately hard to unpick. I assume bullying must conform to a certain pattern, that repeats over and over because it pays the perpetrator. And it must be easy to stop, after all, there are hard facts underneath every narrative...the meanings of which are agreed upon by all?

Well alas, no.
Or rather yes, there are facts and there is law and justice but...we are all supposed to be sane and our relationships consensual. And this isn't so.

But basically culture war breaks out frequently between lower-middle and upper-class middles. Low level and insidious. This is where Helen (the fictional wife in this fictional story of middle-class folk) has come's not the whole thing, not by any means. But it is a relevant aspect of what occurred.

Memes which function within one culture, do not function well in another. Other people's memes can be as repellent as farts. Someone of an upper-middle culture will speak and worse, act as if it is possible to drive 200 miles in half an hour, or to just phone the head of any company and talk as if you are old friends. Someone in a lower-middle, liberal culture will draw a sharp intake of breath when another distinguishes between people in terms of nationality, or sexuality, and on and on it goes.

Actually, the upper-middle meme I have most difficulty with is the eating of bad food...out of date, very cheap food.

Back to the point, I'm not saying that Rob Titchner isn't a narcissistic misogynist. Of course he is. I'm not saying that anyone should feel sorry for him either. Waste of time in my view! But culture war is to blame for a lot of the madness that led to his stabbing.

Just saying...