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Thursday, February 23, 2012


This advert was on a YouTube page. Tempted though I was by the click for proof! Instead I went to Wiki.

Herbert was a pioneer of evangelical radio broadcasting...and Jesus will save us all in this generation ~yawn.

If you really want to know how right he was his book is here for you to read:

 The sociologist Avery F. Gordon regards ghosts as having a "something-to-be-done" nature. Ghosts only appear when they have something to say, and Herbert Armstrong is no longer of this world, his YouTube apparition is therefore a kind of ghost. Perhaps Avery F. Gordon is thinking of Shakespeare and Hamlet, the ghost of a father representing the unsettling sense that all is not as it seems. A projection of Hamlet's mind, personifying and giving meaning to his sense of unease.

I really don't think Herbert is that kind of ghost.

For me this advert represents a difference between Britain and America, how the Internet is reducing the distance between 'us'. Or have I just missed similar British adverts because I'm too good at screening them out?

It is odd that we don't get ads for Orgone collectors on tv or buses, actually it was very odd that Wilhelm Reich was thrown into prison for selling spurious its accurate or right.

To redress this imbalance here is a table full of orgone collectors made of copper balls, aluminium and quartz, black tourmaline, dark amethyst, garnet, peridot, lapis lazuli and hematite.

You can buy one from 17 Pericleous street, Athens.

They remind me of those sand and glass structures you could get from the Isle of Wight, full of different coloured sands from Alum Bay

Or delicious cakes, or Indian sweets from somewhere much closer.

Here is another design:
not so handy to keep about your person, or living room:

No one explains it better than this page:

Right, I'm off to kneed some dough and make soup.