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Friday, March 16, 2012

Charged Whisper.

Phone calls so far:
1-  from Simon at 9:45 am saying that the driving school expects to see my son today at 10 am for his first lesson. This was news to everyone. Isn't going to happen.

2-  A Scottish lady asking me to confirm my name and address so that I can receive a package for next door!

Most of the retarded phone conversations this week have been with someone who starts off with how he isn't selling me anything and promises if I answer five easy questions he wont bother me with any more calls.

The first question is- how do you receive your television signal - but at that point I get the giggles as I mentally go through all the dumb answers:

* It's on the cloud I think...
* A pipe under the road
* Telepathy..

The art would be to make the answer sound convincing and to say it as if I was convinced.

* Weekly / weakly
* By carrier pidgin
* In a letter
* Tesco delivery I think...

Or just lie in a way that sounds legitimate?
There seems to be only three suppliers of satellite tv:

* Sky
* BT
* Virgin

Which lie shall I chose...
Nah, just too plain boring.

Sorry to say I never got around to making the sound file for the 'Hello this is Microsoft, your computer has a wirus' people, either.