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Thursday, December 27, 2012

In the end we 'did' Christmas.

I found a plan that suggested Champagne for breakfast
And opening presents before loading the table with red-cabbage cooked in clementine juice and red wine, sprouts, mashed carrots in garlic and herb butter, parsnips glazed with honey, chili and ginger, roast potatoes, three kinds of stuffing (vegetarian, vegetarian+gluten free, sausage and apricot), roast turkey, and a vegetarian 'celebration roast'.

Was this year really the first year I've had Christmas with all four of my children?

Up until this year it had been decided that I didn't 'do' Christmas.
Basically I couldn't stand the problems of other fathers, and their need to have 'family' time.
Daughters with my ex
Eldest son with another

Trying to balance everyone's emotional 'well being' with the feeling that Christmas should be family time.

Just seemed better for me to say that I couldn't do it
That Christmas was about the sun
Create a new ritual so when my daughter's left the house
It didn't ruin Christmas...

It was part of taking the blame
A creative solution, nonetheless.