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Sunday, March 03, 2013

I thought that no one was in the house.
...A good time to have an argument.

I agree, most people don't plan them

This wasn't planned

A visit to the In-Laws

Always has a bad effect.

May as well go into it

Sooner rather than latter.

The thing father-in-law does and his son too...
Wont 'get me'

But it is a bad thing...
Cruel and ignorant.
All about trying not to admit that you just don't know.

Bullshit your way out and prevaricate to delay
Nothing happens that you don't feel comfortable about.

There isn't a nice way to explain this

I am angry

It was an argument

And then he told me that the house wasn't empty
That son had come back last night

I was mortified!

Being a parent...
No space.

Yesterday made me understand why
People anti-euthanasia, think the way they do.

Wheel-chair bound

Not 'ill'

They are both waiting for her to die...

She feels that she is useless
There is nothing for her to do
No sense of achievement or satisfaction.

He does everything
Except what she would like...

So she wants to die and get it over with.

They didn't move to a bungalow
They didn't get to go on a cruise
It isn't money.

She didn't even go into the garden last year...

He has a car outside in her name
But she can't get to it.

Outside is further away than China

Unable to have privacy
We went out

Because we can!

To Crickley Hill
So cold!
Should be ice.

Crickley Hill famous for 'Neolithic conflict'.
Causewayed enclosure

A part of the Cotswold Way

Don't be fooled
I smile a lot!

We went into a wooded bit
To try to get away from the cold wind.

The sound of the cars speeding down the motorway louder than bird song.

Brewed a fire in an IKEA utensil holder

Made coffee,

Apparently there is a walk around this place beloved of Edward Wilson of the terrible expedition to find penguin eggs.

Edward Wilson - the man in the middle of the photo- died in his tent, along with Captain Scott on the 29th of March 1912, at The South Pole.